JCFiber understands the importance of keeping your business connected at all times, whether you need connected to your local community or to points across the globe. JCFiber provides you a choice of reliable, scalable, and diverse network solutions to keep you connected.


JCFiber can offer your upload and download speeds to meet the ever growing needs of your business.

From 25Mb/25Mb to 1Gb/1Gb and beyond, we have a solution that will handle whatever data load you have.


TLS (Transparent LAN Service) circuits are great for businesses who have multiple locations within our service territory. A TLS circuit allows businesses to share or implement services, servers, and networking equipment as if it were all in one location. A TLS circuit is private and enhances security while at the same time, saving the organization money. JCFiber can provide TLS circuits from 25Mb to 1Gb.


JCFiber’s premiere data connectivity service provides enhanced features over our other broadband services. Active Fiber circuits allows for QOS (Quality of Service) prioritization of your data traffic, is actively monitored, and has a direct path to our core 40Gb network.

The backbone of JCFiber is powered by NineStar Connect’s network was designed using a 9-Node Cisco 40Gb fully redundant ring. We provide customers with service that guarantees their connection is never “off ” – a promise we’re able to make because of our redundant, geographically diverse uplink connections to two independent providers. JCFiber takes extensive pride in providing the best product to our customers.