When it comes to internet, you need speed and reliability. JCFiber offers an array of fiber optic internet options to choose from. Whether you’re gaming, streaming, or browsing, we have the download speeds to meet your needs. Plans of 150 Mbps and higher include Managed WiFi. Take our survey to express interest and find out if JCFiber is available in your area.

Offers high-speed web browsing, photo uploads, music and video streaming, and email.


Supports online gaming, streaming HD video, and frequent use of multiple devices by multiple users.


*Managed WiFi included

Streams music and high-resolution video and supports gaming on multiple devices without losing speed. The ideal choice for video conferencing.


* Managed WiFi included

* Includes 1 Roku Streaming Device

75 Mb/75 Mb

150 Mb/150 Mb

300 Mb/300 Mb

Among the fastest internet available. Supports multiple groups of people streaming, browsing, uploading, and gaming.


* Managed WiFi included

* Includes 1 Roku streaming  device

Greatest efficiency available. Supports frequent use of many devices without pauses or interruptions.


* Managed WiFi included

* Includes 1 Roku streaming device

600 Mb/600 Mb

1 Gig/1 Gig

* For packages of 150Mb and higher, Managed WiFi is included for the full term of contract.

** Broadband Contract - 30 Month Contract (Early termination fees could apply)