Why JCFiber

Tired of slow and inconsistent internet speeds, sub-par customer service, and poor streaming performance? With JCFiber, you don't have to settle for a frustrating internet experience. 

JCFiber is a partnership between JCREMC and NineStar Connect. We are a local, customer-focused provider of reliable fiber optic internet with consistently high download speeds.


Fast. Reliable. Local. With JCFiber, you really can have it all.

Lamb Lake is close to having light-speed fiber internet. Keep reading to see how you and your neighbors can upgrade your experience.

Plug into light speed with JCFiber

Step 1

Click the sign-up button. Enter your address, answer a few questions, and choose your internet package. Construction begins when 115 homes have signed up in the Lamb Lake zone.

Step 2

JCFiber installs residential fiber lines in Lamb Lake.

Step 3

JCFiber calls enrolled customers to schedule dates and times for our technicians to install fiber in individual homes.

Step 4

Enjoy your fast, reliable, local JCFiber service! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with JCFiber?

  • Start by clicking the sign-up button above. You will be prompted to answer a few questions and choose an internet package. Installation of the residential lines begins once 115 homes have signed up in the Lamb Lake zone.​

Why do I have to pay a $225 down payment?

  • Installing fiber optics can be expensive. The construction in aid payment is equal to 3 months of our smallest package and covers only a small portion of the drop installment to your home.

How long will construction take after 115 homes Lamb Lake homes sign up?

  • Construction takes approximately 6 months. 

Where can I choose my internet package?

  • You will choose your internet package during sign-up.

Will I be directed to an outside call center if I need technical support?

  • No. Support is provided directly by the customer service and technical experts at NineStar Connect.

Who is Ninestar Connect and how are they related to JCFiber?​

  • Ninestar Connect is a partner with JCREMC in JCFiber. We work together to give you the best experience. Ninestar hosts the billing and aids with in-home installations.