A different way of watching TV

Internet streaming TV programs is becoming more popular. The reason is simple: When you're already paying for an Internet bill, why not reduce your monthly costs and get rid of cable?


The cost of cable TV contracts increases annually. When the price local service providers like NineStar have to pay to offer those services goes up, the price the customer pays goes up too. The advantage of streaming is that you can watch your favorite shows on your time.


Before taking the leap and leaving cable behind, customers frequently ask how they'll watch local news or the big game. That's where NineStar's View Local service can help.

View Local offers the channels that are significant to our community. For just $24.95/month* (a lot lower than your monthly cable bill) View Local provides you with access to local networks, as well as NineStar TV, where you can catch up on all the local & surrounding counties’ sporting events, and programs that are unique to NineStar customers.


Here is a list of the View Local channels:

  • Antenna TV

  • Comet

  • DayStar

  • Grit

  • LAFF

  • PBS Kids

  • WIPX

  • WRTV

  • WTTV-2

  • Bounce

  • Cozi

  • Escape

  • Ion Life

  • MeTV

  • WFYI

  • WISH

  • WTHR

  • WXIN

  • Charge!

  • Create

  • GetTV

  • Justice Network

  • NineStar TV, Ch9

  • WIPB

  • WNDY

  • WTTV

Contact one of NineStar's residential service consultants at 317-326-3131 to get started.

*For customers on our 1gbps fiber service, ViewLocal is included at no extra charge.