Our telephone history goes back over 110 years. We understand voice communications and are proud of the service that we have provided to customers in Indiana for over a century. Today NineStar Connect is a leader in advanced communications services and all our equipment, facilities and staff are still provided to you out of Central Indiana.

We can meet all of your communications needs from POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) to PRIs (Prime Rate Interface). Whatever your needs, we can help you design a voice system to maximize your budget and continue to provide to you the quality of voice services you need to run your business.

Some of our voice products include:


Though POTS has limited features, low bandwidth, and no mobile capabilities, it provides greater reliability than other telephony systems (such as mobile and VoIP). NineStar Connect takes pride in its ability to achieve dial-tone availability every time a telephone is taken off the hook.


A multi-line discounted service, often referred to as Centrex, is a PBX-like service with a central office switch instead of a customer’s on-site location. NineStar Connect owns and manages all the communications equipment and software necessary to implement the Centrex service and then sells various services to the customer.


Better known as a digital T-1, PRI is the greater level of service available from the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) family. Used most often for larger applications, PRI consists of 23 digital B channels and 1 signaling/control D Channel.